Sokolniki Park has been one of the most favorite places of rest for many generations of Muscovites since childhood and is required for all guests visiting the capital. This monument of landscape gardening art gives one a special atmosphere and mood. In the 15th century here was a thick forest, a favorite place for the royals to hunt with falcons. In the 19th century, the Park turned into a place of relaxation, which it remains today. Today the park is undergoing a revival with new pools, beaches, cafes, playgrounds and the Observatory has reopened.
"Elk Island" is located in the North-East of Moscow and starts from Sokolniki Park. In Moscow, in the area near the VDNKh Metro station (Alexeyevskii District), is a little less than 1/3 of the park's territory.
The State Museum is a historical complex where you can see original 18th century interiors, hear music and Opera from the Repertoire of Sheremetev's theatre. Many legends, stories and mysteries are connected with this place. Even in the 16th century, when the history of Ostankino began, the Manor received a strange reputation. Everyone to whom Tsar Ivan the Terrible gave the estate, fall into disfavor with precarious constancy.
«Olympic» is a unique multi-functional sports and entertaining complex of Russia, which is considered a landmark in Moscow. Built for the 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, "Olympic" consists of two main buildings, the stadium and a swimming pool. To this day, the "Olympic" remains the biggest indoor sports building in Europe. At the time of its’ opening, and generally, it had no equal in the world. «Olympic» is the only sports and entertainment complex of this scale, located in close proximity to the historical center of Moscow (near the Metro station "Prospect Mira").